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Third-Party Inspection

Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology is committed to high-quality service. This means bringing our inspection team to your project. PMET is proud of its talented teams of inspection personnel.

Mechanical Integrity

Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology (PMET) offers complete mechanical integrity (MI) and asset integrity management (AIM) services

Corrosion Integrity Services

PMET provides effective corrosion services both in the field and laboratory. Our services will prevent devastating failures and maintain secure, consistent operations of your assets.

Expediting Personnel and Services

For companies operating in the Energy, Oil & Gas industryand heavy construction, the timely flow of material and data is essential to achieve success. PMET expediting personnel can reduce costly delays due to uncovering potential problems.

Supplier Qualification Management

From energy to transport and from public to private, companies need to assess in advance whether a potential supplier is suitable. PMET experienced auditor can assess your supply chain providers to qualify them to your standards.

Weld Procedure Services

A welding procedure qualification is necessary to ensure the quality and longevity of your welds. In addition, each standard has nuances and details that require guidance from experienced professionals, like those found at PMET.

Quality Support Services

PMET aids in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of QA/QC programs, documentation support, and training of personnel.

Sourcing and Procurement

PMET can support your team every step of the way. From initial vendor auditing and pre-qualification to providing fully self-sufficient inspection teams. This is to monitor the production process, and also inspectors to oversee construction activities and monitor field welding and coating works in the field.

Analytical Laboratories

PMET analytical laboratories provide materials testing services for a broad range of clients, markets, and industries. We offer analytical laboratory techniques, laboratory instrumentation, and testing methods. This provides the critical analysis information clients need.


PMET’s mission is to provide quality inspection services, reduce our clients’ risk, improve their performance and help them meet the challenges of quality, health & safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.


PMET wants to lead the changing market, turning challenges into opportunities and visionary ideas into excellent solutions by incorporating into every project: Superior Awareness, Consistent Communication, Daringness in Make Selections, Out-of-the-Box Thinking, and Inventive Thinking.


Yield and Unit Weight Testing

Yield and unit weight testing are essential procedures used to determine the properties of concrete. These tests provide valuable information about the concrete mixture's consistency, workability, and density. Let's explore each of these tests in more detail: Yield...

Pozzolanic Activity Testing

Pozzolanic activity testing is a procedure used to determine the reactivity and suitability of a material to be used as a pozzolan in concrete. Pozzolans are finely divided materials that can react with calcium hydroxide (lime) in the presence of moisture to form...


Randall and the entire team at PMET provide FANTASTIC inspection and engineering services for our company. They are knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and provide A+ customer service. They would be willing to help their customers at the drop of a hat. 100% recommend PMET

Alison Ruotolo

I have been fortunate enough to do business with PMET over the last several years. Consummate professionals, extremely knowledge, and always exceeding my expectations. A phone call or email never go unanswered. Highly recommend their services.


Randall and Joe have help our company with onsite part inspection, certification documentation review, engineering consulting, and so much more. Very impressed with their extensive knowledge, experience, honesty, and responsiveness. They are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! Ali Kerry, CEO/Natstar Defense

Alecia Kerry

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