Construction Materials Testing


At PMET, we’re not just experts but your construction materials superheroes! From soils to skyscrapers, we’ve got the testing prowess to ensure every material is not just safe but a total rockstar in meeting industry demands.


What is Construction Materials Testing?

Construction Materials Testing, or CMT, is the testing of materials used to construct new developments. It’s the meticulous examination and evaluation of materials used in building to ensure they not only meet safety standards but also stand strong against the test of time.

Our certifications for particular CMT expertise are available from various agencies, including DOT, ACI, EPA, AASHTO, and ISO 17025.

Why Choose PMET’s Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Services?

Trusted Certification: Our CMT services aren’t just good; they’re certified by top agencies like DOT, ACI, and EPA. Your project deserves the gold standard, and that’s what we deliver.

Tailored to You: No cookie-cutter approach here! Our services are project-specific, location-friendly, and scope-savvy. Your construction dream, our personalized CMT plan!

Industry Compliance: We’re not just up to code; we set the standards. All our testing aligns with national and international Building Codes. Your project, our compliance commitment!

What’s In Our Construction Materials Testing Arsenal?

Soils: Because even the mightiest structures need solid ground to stand on.

    Metal & Plastic: Testing materials that shape the future, quite literally!

      Concrete & Asphalt: We make sure your roads are smooth and your structures are unshakable.

      Ceramic & Rubber: From tiles to tires, we’ve got the grip on their quality.

      Oil, Coatings, & Plating: Ensuring every layer adds value, not headaches

      What are the 2 Types of Construction Materials Testing?

      • Destructive Testing: Unleashing controlled chaos to see how materials behave under extreme conditions.

      • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): Like superheroes with X-ray vision, we inspect materials without breaking a sweat.

      PMET's Promise to You: Precision, Safety, Success!

      We know construction isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s about dreams and legacies. PMET’s Construction Materials Testing is your ticket to a project that stands tall and stands out.

      Ready to turn your construction vision into reality? Let’s build something extraordinary together!

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