Our Testing Laboratories

PMET’s advanced testing labs offer precise and reliable environmental test services, employing test procedures that meet industry standards. 

Our skilled team provides materials testing and environmental tests tailored to diverse industry requirements. We proudly offer two key laboratory services: Analytical and CMT Geotechnical.

Analytical Laboratory

Our analytical laboratory offers specialized analytical services for a wide range of materials, including soils, concrete, metals, and electronic components. Using advanced test methods and equipment.

The lab conducts environmental testing, temperature cycling, and salt spray tests to ensure materials perform satisfactorily under various conditions. Committed to quality and precision, the laboratory meets stringent industry standards, making it a key resource for industries focused on the safety, quality, and performance of materials in diverse environmental conditions.

Key features of our analytical laboratory include:

  • Versatility in Material Testing
  • Sophisticated Analytical Techniques
  • Focus on Quality Control and Research
  • Dedicated to Various Purposes
  • Compliance with Standards

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CMT Geotechnical

CMT (Construction Materials Testing) Geotechnical Laboratory offers comprehensive construction materials testing and environmental test services, crucial for all construction project stages. 

Our team of field engineers and technologists provide expert consultation and testing, utilizing a range of test methods to ensure materials perform satisfactorily under various environmental conditions.

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PMET an AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) certified laboratory can conduct a wide range of tests related to bridge construction to ensure the quality, safety, and performance of the materials and structures used in bridges. 

Here are some of the standard testing areas that PMET lab can perform:

Materials Testing:

  • Concrete Testing: Compressive strength, slump, air content, temperature, density, modulus of elasticity, etc.
  • Steel Testing: Tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, impact resistance, etc.
  • Soil Testing: Sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, moisture content, compaction tests, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), etc.
  • Aggregates Testing: Gradation, specific gravity, abrasion resistance, soundness, etc.
  • Asphalt Testing: Marshall stability, flow, density, penetration, viscosity, etc.


Structural Testing:

  • Load Testing: Testing bridges with various loads to assess their structural integrity and capacity.


Geotechnical Testing:

  • Subsurface Investigation: Soil borings, sampling, and analysis to determine soil properties for foundation design.
  • Pile Load Testing: Testing the load-bearing capacity of foundation piles.


Durability Testing:

  • Corrosion Testing: Evaluating the corrosion resistance of steel reinforcement and other materials in corrosive environments.
  • Freeze-Thaw Testing: Assessing the ability of concrete and other materials to withstand freezing and thawing cycles.


Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

  • Batch Plant Inspection: Ensuring concrete and asphalt batches meet specifications before construction.
  • Field Testing: On-site testing of construction materials and processes to verify compliance with standards.


Instrumentation and Monitoring:

  • Strain Gauges and Displacement Sensors: Monitoring structural behavior, load distribution, and settlement.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Monitoring environmental conditions affecting materials and structures.


Environmental Testing:

  • Water Quality Testing: Analyzing the quality of water bodies affected by construction activities.


Construction Materials Evaluation:

  • Sample Collection and Analysis: Collecting samples of construction materials from the field and analyzing them in the lab to ensure they meet specifications.

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Explore our advanced Analytical Lab for versatile material testing and our CMT Geotechnical Lab for robust construction materials testing. Elevate your projects with industry-compliant and precise environmental tests.

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