About Mechanical Inspections

PMET offers a complete mechanical integrity program or partial corrosion/erosion monitoring program of existing and new piping and equipment. The following services are available for included in this failure prevention program:

  • Perform risk assessment and prioritization for inspections and maintenance planning for pressure-containing equipment.
  • Predict corrosion rates based on archived thickness measurements.
  • Perform process hazards analysis as required by OSHA 29CFR, Chapter XVII 1910.119.
  • Verify thickness of plant piping, production equipment, pressure valves and tanks using ultrasonic thickness equipment. Map thickness readings for permanent records.
  • Calculate maximum allowable working pressures and life expectancies of equipment and piping.
  • Arrange replacement of piping and equipment reaching critical minimum thickness requirements without a failure of equipment or unexpected plant shutdown.
  • Prevent and minimize the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals and gases.