Quality Support Services

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At Pittsburgh Mineral and Environmental Technology (PMET) we specialize in providing the highest level of quality support services. We aid with the preparation and maintenance monitoring for your company’s success!

We also help to ensure that service quality assurance evaluators are effective and meet all relevant standards. Without quality support, projects would likely fail, leading to poor-quality products or services.

PMET tailors quality support services to each client’s needs and can adapt to any business model. Whether you are starting a quality assurance program or improving an existing one, PMET can help provide the support you need.

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Here are a few examples of PMET’s quality support services:

-Quality Assurance Planning: We can help you develop a quality assurance plan that meets your specific needs.

-Implementation and Monitoring: We can help you implement your quality assurance program and monitor its effectiveness.

-Documentation: We can provide you with the documentation you need to support your quality assurance program.

-Training: We can provide training to your staff on the proper use of quality assurance tools and techniques.

PMET aids in the preparation, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of quality assurance programs and related documentation requirements. Services include:

  • QA/QC program manuals
    • Construction of:
      • Pipelines
      • Facilities
      • Terminals
      • Buildings
      • Civil
      • Concrete
      • Welding
      • NDT
      • Coating – Above and Below Ground
      • Installation of equipment
  • Procedures, plans, and verification checklist
  • Quality Training programs
  • Quality program audits
  • Vendor / Supplier assistance programs
  • Write and approve welding procedures
  • Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
  • Vendor / Supplier evaluations and facility surveys
  • Develop Quality Plans
  • Perform Surveys and Audits
  • Develop Inspection & Test Plans
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Plan & Implement Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Coordinate Quality Activities
  • Develop Quality Programs
  • Installation of Quality Programs
  • Support for ASME Certifications (Stamps U, R, S, H, M)
  • Support for Shop API Certifications
  • Support for Shop AWS Certifications

Contact us today to learn more about our quality support services. We have a team of experienced and dedicated service quality assurance evaluators ready to help you succeed.