Supplier Qualification Management

Supplier Qualification Management picture of inspector

The vendor qualification process consists of assessing whether a potential supplier is suitable to provide goods or services.

In order to maintain a high level of quality for their products and services, companies need to carefully vet their suppliers. Supplier qualification management is the process of assessing supplier performance in order to determine whether they are suitable to continue working with the company.

This assessment is based on objective criteria, such as quality, delivery times, and cost. By allowing Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology (PMET) to conduct a vendor qualification checklist, companies can ensure that they are working with the best possible suppliers and that their products and services meet the highest standards.

Supplier Qualification

The outsourcing of manufacturing stages, lab controls, and other services related to quality is a critical process. Companies require a set of standards to ensure an acceptable quality level, whether it is a national regulatory authority or an internal quality standard. The qualification of suppliers and service providers is fundamental in selecting partners and later cooperation.

We support you in defining a risk-based and efficient concept for supplier qualification management. Furthermore, many aspects of a (future) cooperation need to be negotiated early on. To that end, we can support you in the entire process, from the compilation and negotiation of quality agreements / technical agreements to the setting up of supply agreements by using our supplier qualification program.

Third-Party Audits

In the remit of qualifying suppliers of active ingredients, excipients, and primary packaging, and for logistics and further services providers, we support you in the preparation, conduct, and follow-up of audits according to ISO, AWS, API, ASME, NACE, etc., or other internal requirements. Specific quality-relevant aspects in the relationship with your suppliers and service providers can only be addressed through well-prepared audits and, in no case, through the purchase of third-party audit reports. Therefore, we prepare the audits according to your wishes and needs, conduct them, compile the audit reports in your formats, and closely consider your situation.

To ensure that your supplier or service provider meets your specific quality requirements, you need to perform a supplier audit. This supplier qualification management process involves assessing the supplier’s ability to provide products or services that meet your quality standards. A vendor qualification checklist is used to guide the supplier audit and evaluate its compliance with your requirements. The supplier audit is conducted by our experienced auditors who will compile a report in your format. PMET will closely consider your situation and make recommendations based on the supplier audit findings. By performing these inspections on a regular basis, you can be confident that your vendors are meeting your quality standards. Contact us today for more information.